Managing Customer Relationship

Migration from an on-premise to a cloud-based CRM system while integrating users into new processes and the new system.


The customer relationship center of a global automobile manufacturer needed to globally harmonize all customer center processes into one process and simultaneously migrate from an on-premise solution Siebel Atlas CRM to the cloud solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The rollout involved 21 call-center-management groups, IT departments, and the GDPR/Compliance unit of the client.


The migration needed to be completed on time and within budget, and it needed to take into account the unique needs of the company’s European contact centers.

Solution and Approach

The change2target team took over the project management for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and acted as an interface between the headquarters, the European national sales companies (NSCs) and the external integrator.

The project approach included:

  • Establishing a project organization with stakeholder analysis and ongoing project governance.
  • Defining a rollout sequence on country level in Europe as a basis for the development work and the global steering of the European project part.
  • Conducting an international kickoff meeting with all project participants, including technical and functional team leads from global headquarters of the client.
  • Analysis of the current state of automated and manual processes, workarounds, and tools currently used for case handling in the different markets in the contact centers, and documenting the number and types of reports per market.
  • Design of the future desired process, facilitating in-depth workshops, and developing a gap analysis and gap closure plan, including the definition of future interfaces, type, and number of reports.
  • Supervising the development work of the external integrator, including data migration from the old to the new system, data mapping, data extraction, verification of data structures, and interface tests.
  • Supervising the creation of training material for different target groups and translations of dashboard labels and training material into different languages.
  • Planning and coordinating user acceptance tests, including access rights, languages, and functions.
  • Launching to market, including coordination of translations and train-the-trainer sessions.


The project was successfully rolled out and the new customer center solution helped the client to

  • improve the customer experience by providing a consistent customer journey across all markets,
  • increase efficiency and reduce costs by streamlining processes and centralizing data,
  • improve agility and scalability to meet future business needs,
  • enhance compliance with European GDPR regulations.

The client was highly satisfied with change2target’s services and the results of the rollout due to the fact that we were able to keep timelines and cost as originally planned, while achieving the desired system and user acceptance quality.


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