Let’s not just talk about it. Let’s do it.

Every business needs to change to adapt to the competitive environment of technological advancement.

Once a digital strategy is defined, change2target AI supports its clients in implementing the most compelling solutions by integrating all aspects of AI-based automation to achieve measurable improvements.

With Hybrid Consulting we make sure that our client’s organizations are responsive and resilient to the complexity of their environment.

Disruptive Strategies

Many companies fear the disruptive power of Artificial Intelligence. change2target AI supports its clients in being prepared for the future, potentially, by becoming disruptive themselves.

With our knowledge of the latest AI-trends and experience in traditional business models we are able to challenge our clients in the right way.

Digital Transformation

The introduction of modern technology, especially in the context of AI-based automation, is a challenge for established companies to ensure that organizational change is leading to the envisioned result. change2target AI supports companies in embracing relevant technology and shaping the transformation process with inspired and motivated employees.

Innovative Solutions

The future of businesses is determined by the technology they use. Our DevOps team provides the digital expertise organizations need to implement the best solutions for their needs – from simply building productivity apps to implementing AI-driven process automation that transforms the way the business operates. That lets us solve our clients’ most pressing problems.

Start-up Management

Start-ups benefit from their young and dynamic teams. Big Venture Capital funding, however, puts them under pressure to grow quickly and be cost-efficient. This needs to be managed and organized well in order not to lose traction. With our experience in organizational effectiveness, we know what needs to be done to stabilize growth and increase bottom-line efficiency.


Say what you do, and do what you say.

change2target AI combines classic consulting and on-site collaboration with the client. This makes our consulting approach special. Once a compelling strategy is clear – disruptive or not – we start implementing it.

We look at a project from two perspectives: Our “Implementers” are consultants and temporarily embedded staff at the same time. They ensure the smooth implementation of tasks within the company. They are always supported by an experienced coach outside the project. That way, we ensure reliable progress and the initiation of change processes internally, without losing sight of the big picture from the outside. 

Hybrid Consulting makes a significant contribution to overcoming barriers and sustainably anchoring a change culture within the company – a key driver for a successful Digital Transformation.

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